Thought Bag for carrying stories and artworks


Up-cycled unique and numbered bag.
Designed and handmade in Lyon, France.
Comes with surprise handmade artworks inside.
40 x 35 cm

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This is a thought-bag filled with stories, thoughts, opinions and imaginations. For us making these bags is a way to continue to talk, debate, think and Imagine about diverse subjects. To keep our mind engaged while our hands are busy. This product is made to keep this intellectual process sustainable and invite you to participate in collective thinking. Each bag comes with its own surprises inside. Including stories and artworks evoking discrimination, racism, sexism and social injustices. The stories and discussions we had while making these bags are provided in a printed designed format in three languages (English, French, Persian) inside the bag.

We also thought about the sustainability of the material object. We decided to up-cycle instead of buying. Fabrics used for making major parts of the bags are collected from big furniture factories where the unused fabric leftovers are thrown away.

We make all parts of the bags with our own hands. Not a single task is outsourced and we are not willing to mass produce our bags.

Kesh-Makesh bags have a 1-year guarantee of repair and after the first year we provide repairing service for our bags with a fair price.

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Dimensions 40 × 35 cm