2 hand printed artworks
Screen print + paint spray , 2/3 colors
16 x 24 cm
(frame in the photo is not included)

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I am drawing while sitting in the shade of the hot summer sun. I take a brief pause to enjoy the pleasant light of the sun. I see accidental formation of a beautiful composition of shades on my sketchbook. The surface of my sketchbook paper has chosen a beautiful frame of light and shade. Determined to capture the image, I start drawing. Halfway through, the shadows have shifted. Time has passed and that image only existed at that moment. With a faster pace, I try to capture the new composition of the shades on the same page. But again, no success. Seems impossible. The rotation of the globe. The passing of the time. To grasp all this beauty, I should stop trying and just enjoy those compositions and the sun. Saadi’s poem passe through my mind:

Life is snow, the sun is Tammuz*
Little remains, but the gentleman is slothful still

* Tammuz is the first summer month in the popular calendars in Syria, Mesopotamia, Central Asia and Palestine from ancient times to the present day. It is also the name of A Mesopotamian god, lover of Ishtar and similar in some respects to the Greek Adonis. He became the personification of the seasonal death and rebirth of crops. In Akkadian, it referred to the god who was the guardian of plants and herds. Tammuz is used in Persian literature to mean the intensity of the hot season, hot heat and summer.

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Dimensions 24 × 16 cm

Gold, Green, Mixed Colors, Pink, Yellow